"Many false prophets will rise up and deceive many." - Matthew 24:11

"Many wannabe Bouncers will rise up and teach crap that will get your ass killed"
-Ivan 'Doc' Holiday 2011

BouncerGear Inc Nightclub & Bar Security Academy was established in Daytona Beach in the spring of 2007 in affiliation with Complete Security 1 . The name BouncerGear Inc and the Registered logo was designed and developed by Ivan Doc Holiday, Author of four Books & a training DVD 'The Bouncer's Bible - The Art & Science of working the door', 'The Cooler's Grimiore - The Comprehensive Instructional Guide to Nightclub & Bar Security', 'Sun Tzu & The Art of Bouncing' & 'Bouncer's Bible - 2nd Edition'.

At 57 years old, Ivan 'Doc' Holiday has worked over a 150 nightclubs, bars, events, concerts,& Band security spanning 33 years in both the U.S. and Canada.
He is a licensed Florida State Security Instructor Lic # DI280008D - DS2700041

In July 2009 Ivan 'Doc' Holiday developed the - BOUNCERGEAR INC NIGHTCLUB & BAR SECURITY Academy 'Training Program'. It is designed to teach Nightclub and Bar security to the Amateur as well as the professional. When a person wants to learn Jujitsu they go to a "Royce Grace" Dojo. When a person wants to learn Bouncing they go to "Ivan 'Doc' Holiday" training class. TO BE THE BEST..YOU GOT TO BE TRAINED BY THE BEST!!


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